Monday, June 15, 2009

Yard Work

As you can see, a fair number of people have worked on the various green plots around 2100. And there were people who worked on it that I never got on film. So heads up those of you who didn't or couldn't help. Try to keep it clean. Most of the workers are either seniors or disabled in some way or other or are not even tenants, but friends of tenants. If you clean your car out - there is a garbage drop near each door so walk it over there and do not dump it on the ground. If you smoke, there are ash cans to put your butts in. And if you are one of those who litter just 'to show us", well you have shown us that you are ignorant and lazy and probably mentally challenged - smart people don't do that! Now surely you can show us something a tad more positive about yourself.

Those of you thinking, "Karen screwed up putting a bunny in the list - I didn't screw up! This little fellow was very busy trying to eat the wild clover to get it out of our way and he is a quiet, very well behaved visitor who comes often to 2100 to add a little class to the place. :o)

One way or another, we are beginning to acquire some tools and there are a couple of little sheds where we can keep them locked up. Of late, it appears that there are a few personality issues getting in the way. Come on Folks! There is enough work to go around and the courtyard, garden and rest spots at the doors belong to everyone who lives here. There is no room for personality and/or control squabbling. Still those sheds have locks and who will hold the keys appears to have become a problem. Can we not agree to share the tools when they are needed? How about one set of keys stays with the President of the Tenants Association and another set with someone else and can we not agree to handle these tools with respect and to return them to the shed they belong in.

And it seems logical that gardening tools belong near the garden; the others at the courtyard. This will make it possible for someone needing something to know where to find it instead of having to run between sheds looking. The hoses for both the Courtyard and the door #3 garden should stay where they are. There is another hose that I got from the freecycle folks and it can be the one to be moved when one is needed at doors 1 and 4 or as an extra in the other two spots. I also think we can get a little cupboard or set of shelves from freecycle to keep the smaller items in. The logical place would be where the one was when Marcel was here - by the table at door 3.

This used to be a very nice building. We unfortunately have experienced some very evil type tenants. BUT, if we work as a team, we can make it a nice place again. To do that, all the personal needs for attention and control and bullying others in order to get those things has to cease. I am sure you have all heard that when everyone is a Chief, there are no Indians and it is the Indians who get things done. So let's all try to be a team of Indians and not a bunch of warring Chiefs.

To every person who helped with the clean up and to those who continue to keep it cleaned up, Hats off to you all.