Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enough Already!

I had planned to tell you about another senior and war vet, Mr. S. who has been also been tormented and abused. But I am tired and upset - some one rang the alarm again tonight - another false alarm! I have no idea what this costs in cold hard cash but I am sending this to the Fire Department and asking them to comment on the cost so we all know. It cannot be peanuts. It must cost a bundle to get those big trucks up and running after shadows. And there is, as someone commented on the last post, the issue of what if someone else who really needs the Fire Department is left to burn to death while they are over here chasing shadows?

My question is, "Does anyone even try to find out who is pulling the alarm all the time?" Surely there is something they could put on the handle that will stay on the perpetrator for days - like that stuff they put in money bags to catch bank robbers. Does anyone even try to get finger prints off the handle? I have never seen the police technicians here trying.

And if he/she is ever caught, what is the penalty? A slap on the wrist? I sure hope it works better than the slap on the wrists these thieving addicts get when they shop lift - "I Pronounce you barred from entering Loblaws for the next 12 months!" Some deterrent! They simply find another store to steal from.

And who pays for all the theft and destruction? The Consumer at Loblaws and The Taxpayer for the Fire Department costs! Perhaps you should start looking at who the taxpayer is. It's you and your neighbour and your boss and even me. And since I am on a pension, I will wager you, you are paying more than I am. So why are you not all a good deal angrier than I am? Ok! Livid may be something you are not capable of, so how about just angry.

When are the taxpaying, voting citizens of this province going to start saying, 'Enough is Enough!'? Time to stop molly coddling drug addicts. Time to tell the various Governments to stop enabling them. It's time to start protecting the law abiding and punishing the criminals instead of punishing the law abiding and protecting the crooks. And the crooks around here are all active drug addicts or drug pushers.

Thanks for the encouraging emails. But it would be better if you put your comments right here on the blog. At the bottom of each post is a little link called 'comment' Click it and type away. :o)
Mr. S. I'll tell your story tomorrow, ok?

Shame on you Ottawa! Shame on you, Ontario!

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