Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I thought I would give you a bit of an update. I do not seem to be getting a lot of on site comments but I am getting emails and phone calls. The Citizen did both those things and they even came out to see our building. They did an article on it in today's paper - that is the January 28th edition.

We heard from The Fire Department to point us in the direction of the legislation regarding checks on alarms. Still waiting for a costing of chasing False Alarms.

We heard from Acorn. It appears that we are not the first to have the alarm check that lasts all day - the Acorn members at one of Transglobal's units reported that they were given the same routine. So far they are the only other place I know of where this inhuman way of testing the Alarm System has happened. Am I the only one to notice that this method of checking alarms is only used on low income buildings??? Also, this is the first year in the four I have been here where checking the alarms was handled this way. Does that mean that the alarms checkers have broken the law and not checked for the other three years?? Well, we might be poor but we were not hatched yesterday!!

We have also heard from Family Services. I sure hope they continue following this blog. I am sure they will be interested in the drug needles left lying around here where we have little children - you know at the age when they pick up any old thing and stick it in their mouths? Yup folks! Little children can pick up cigarette butts last hanging out of the mouth of people with HIV/AIDS. Or maybe a needle used by one of them? Doesn't any one out there have a care for these wee ones?

Well I promised to tell you about Mr. S. He is another WWII Vet. He lives below two drug addicts. For the past several years he has had to listen to their loud music, their fighting, their making out on the floor. Some of us hear the loud music at 3 a.m. in the summer when the doors are open. These apartments are pretty well sound proof from one apartment to another when they are side by side, but noise passes very readily from apartment to apartment when they are one above the other. So Mr. S. has spent years listening to all this. He has complained. He has been ignored. Others who have heard it have complained. We have all been ignored. Our drug addict couple are still among us. Our Mr.S. throws his arms in the air in disgust and resignation. Probably a smart move. This is his home. His friends are here. And I am just guessing but leaving here is a form of capitulation. He did not capitulate to the Nazis in the 1940s and he sure is not about to capitulate to two losers who have fried their own brains.

On top of all that, he also was subjected to the fire alarm fiasco this week. Somehow I expect Canadians to treat their war vets better than that. Somehow I expect Canadians to treat all their law abiding citizens better than that. Somehow I expect the nation's capital, Ottawa to be a leader and show the rest of the country how to behave. If this is the example being set for the country, are we ever in trouble!

One of the lessons you would get in a criminology course is that when criminals are allowed to get away with their petty crimes, they continue to commit them and they escalate. I think that is in Criminology 101.

We have a lease we are all required to sign. It clearly states this kind of behaviour is against the lease. Why is the lease, a legal and binding contract, not used as a remedy? If you know the answer, click on the 'comment' link and share the answer with us.

I take it you all know how to find this blog by now. So this will be my last email to notify you. But the blog goes on. So do check it out.

Shame on you Ottawa! Shame on you, Ontario!

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