Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Friday, the Thirteenth

Many people believe that the fear of Friday the 13th is called triskaidekaphobia. It turns out that triskaidekaphobia is actually a fear of the number 13. A fear of Friday the 13th is more correctly known as paraskavedekatriaphobia. The word paraskavedekatriaphobia comes from the Greek words Paraskev√É­ meaning "friday," dekatre√É­s meaning "thirteenth," and phobia, meaning something like "moron."
If you ever figure out how to pronounce it, let me know! :o) Think how much fun you can have just walking up to others and saying, "Hi. Have you heard about that virus that's making the rounds - you know, paraskavedekatriaphobia?" They might not know what you are talking about but they are really going to think you are one smart dude to know words like that. Must be 10 or more syllables long!

Well, on to more pressing things!

Tuesday's General Meeting

Florence and Al attended the General Meeting earlier this week. We sure could use more tenants coming out to them. They do not happen that often and if you have a problem or an idea for the building, this is the place to share it and possibly get something done about it.

Gossip - also called Tongue Wagging.

I have my own idea about nasty, malicious gossipers. I think that they do it to keep you thinking about someone else so you do not see their faults and flaws. I can only guess that some who do a lot of this must have some huge problems of their own. But entire books have been written on the subject and I am not going to write another here. I will say, if someone is gossiping and spreading dirt about you, try ignoring it. People like that often get a charge out of your reaction, so do not give them one. And do not lower yourself to their level by doing the same thing to them. If it keeps up and is particularly malicious, there is a law in the Criminal Code of Canada and the sentence is jail time. But between the ignoring it and the going to court, you might want to talk to Donna at Options Bytown (613-523-2952) or to someone at OHC to see if there is not something that can be done to put it to rest without spending money and time on lawyers and courts.

The Phone Bill

The Club or the T.A. might just be a small group of tenants trying to make their lives more interesting, but every time they buy a product or a service, they are doing business. There are things that are expected over and above the chosing and paying for something. The use of a phone is a contractual agreement. It was entered into with a devil may care attitude. The Club and now the TA have changed hands but the contract came with them. It seems to me, having listened to the tenants discuss this bill, that everyone is still not looking at it as a business transaction. The discussion should not have been, "Who is to blame?" but "How do we solve the problem?" It is business and it must be dealt with in a businesslike manner. I will do my best to get a resolution to this bill but, I think, more thought and care and business attitude must be used with future purchases, particularly ones that involve contract signing.

A Tenant's Association is here for the good of all the tenants. It is not here for any particular person's ego. Our present T.A. has done some really good things for the building and the tenants, particularly in the area of social get togethers. They offer Bingo, Bean Bags, Darts and a fabulous Saturday morning breakfast - all at reasonable prices. There are also impromptu things like musical get togethers. If you have an idea of your own, speak to the President, Dorothy so you can arrange times when the Lounge is not already booked. With summer fast approaching, I know there will be summery things going on like BBQs and etc. If you have not checked them out, you really should. Watch the Bulletin Boards and/or the walls at the elevators for the flyers telling you what, where and when.

Those are most of the things discussed a the General Meeting. So on to other things.


We are still waiting for the new boards. I asked Marion if she could use her charms and powers of persuasion to try to speed up the company contracted to do this. Until they are fixed however, it might be a good idea to have your visitors call before they come so you can let them in if you know your buzzer does not work.


The elevator at door 2 is not working. That company has been called and parts ordered. Hopefully that will be fixed soon also. In the meantime, the elevator at door 1 and that at door 4 are working. If all else fails, the stairs always work!
4:30 p.m. The gents from the elevator company just this minute loaded up their truck after fixing the elevator! It Works! Il travail! :o)


If it is small enough to go down the shoot, tie it up properly and put it down the shoot! If it is too big for the shoot, take it down to the first floor garbage room across from the Maintenance Room. If it is furniture, take it out back of the Garbage room or take it to the road for pickup. Do not leave it for days on end in the hall ways. That is just common courtesy for your neighbours. It is not rocket science! And if the seniors here can take out their garbage, the rest of you can too! Ottawa Housing does not have a maid service for you. It is not in any lease here. Those of you who leave your garbage for others to clean up ought to be ashamed of yourselves! So get your sweet pink, (black, brown, yellow or whatever colour your duff comes in) Canadian duff into gear and take your garbage out!

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