Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Odds and Sods!

Good Morning!

Another nice day where I can keep my balcony door open a bit to let in some fresh air. Spring is on the way! Let's have a celebration! Oh! There is already a celebration planned! St. Patrick's Day is also almost here so all those of Irish Decent, and everybody else who likes to eat and dance and pretend they are Irish for a day and are from this building are invited to the St. Patrick's party in the lounge on March 14th. Starts at 7:00 p.m. Prize for the person wearing the most green! Residents admitted for free. Non residents - $5.00 per person.

General Meeting for all tenants at 2100

There is a General Meeting at 2100 Russell Road tonight at 7:00 p.m. It is in the Lounge. This is your chance to speak out on issues that affect you living in this building. So if you have any building related problems to air, Ottawa Housing will be there and you can bring those issues up to them. It is not to spread gossip or to back bite. Ottawa Housing is trying. You have to show some interest too so please come.

About Rogers - Phones, Cable, In-house Cameras and Internet

Yesterday I had a visitor with a problem that was about Rogers. I mentioned a variety of little problems I have heard about with Rogers to Florence Brake at Ottawa Housing and she suggested they bring someone from Rogers to talk to you and answer questions you might have about their services. Are you tenants interested? Drop me a line at

and let me know. I think we could all let them know that we are none to thrilled with the way they have machines that do not think answering their phones. A simple problem that should take 5 minutes often takes over an hour of being transferred around the Rogers offices. Rogers is not the only outfit that does this but we can and should complain when we are lucky enough to have their human ears here listening. You never know an outcome until you try!

Saturday's Trip

2080 had a sign up for their shopping and dinner trip. Only 2 people from 2100 were on the bus and I was one of them. Those of us with walkers had lots of help getting on and off the bus. There are a couple of real gentlemen at 2080! Thanks John and David!

We went to the new WalMart on Terminal Ave, but, there are a lot of shops besides WalMart at that mall. I checked out the Dollarama - not as good as the one at Herongate but a lot better than the one at Elmvale. Not all items were $1.00 so if you go there and are watching your pennies, you might want to make sure there is not a bigger price tag than you are expecting. Still is a pretty good deal for most things. I got some of those silicone cooking utensils for $1.25 for a set of 2 spatulas. The same spatulas in some of the bigger stores are going for $5.98. Then I tripped across to Bowrings of Newfoundland. A bit pricey for someone on a pension but they had a pretty decent sale so I got a very nice frame to put a picture of my daughter in for half price. Ah! Some people are just worth a few extra bucks and for me, she is one of them.

Met everyone back at Walmart where a lot of them spent their time and then we were whisked off to Lorenzo's for dinner. Really a decent feed of roast beef for me from the buffet. It was not an easy choice - the linguini looked pretty good too and Montreal Smoked Meat was also tempting. BUT - I had no trouble deciding on a desert. Cherry Cheesecake! And it was "To Die For"!

Well, Time for a walk - cheesecake sort of hangs around my waist if I don't walk it off!!

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