Friday, May 15, 2009

The trouble with saying 'to hell with you folks" is that I still live here and I still want to live some place that is clean and comfortable and safe, so whether you like what I say or what I do or not, I am still going to do it. Sorry if you ever thought what you do in the hallway is private - it isn't and never was a place where anyone could expect 'privacy'.

Door 3

The picture above was taken outside of door 3. During the day and especially during the spring and summer months, this door gets a lot of traffic. This mess you see has got to go!

I have no idea who put it there - I am not all that interested in playing the 'Blame Game.' I am more interested in playing the "Let's get it fixed up" game. And what is it?? It is a pile of asphalt that is ugly and rough and when it gets hot, it will be a sticky black mess that will get tracked into the apartment building and the carpets and the tiles in our apartments. It is also an accident looking for a place to happen. Someone is going to trip on it and go flying and break a leg, an arm or worse. It is not in the interest of tenants or Ottawa Housing to leave it there. Tenants could get hurt. Housing could get sued.

I know that our Maintenance men have been kept busy trying to stay ahead of the notorious 'hole puncher'. Seems to me that this particular sticky problem is something perhaps a couple of our bigger, stronger tenants might get some satisfaction out of fixing up. But to do that we would need the proper tools. This is not my forte but some sort of heavy duty scraper? And then something that is capable of washing the remaining tar remnants away.

This is not a job that can wait much longer - it is soon going to get hot and this mess will be that much more difficult to clean up and, most likely, a good deal more expensive to clean up.

The Hole Puncher

While he has toned down his nasty deeds, he has not stopped. There are more holes on floor 2 and 3. I know I keep hearing from OHC that they are working on this, I can only hope you are getting somewhere. Again I strongly recommend screening - with an IQ of at least 50 and some house training as your criteria.

Some Notes of Interest

Gail is back from the hospital and looking pretty good. Gained a few pounds which looks very good on her!

Walking around the building is getting like walking through a wild life park - well maybe that's an exaggeration but this week I have seen a wild turkey and a cute little rabbit on top of the usual collection of squirrels and birds. The Cardinals have been out singing their little hearts out and adding a flash of colour to the trees. And I do believe there is a hawk or two coming by for a pidgeon pie breakfast too.

The Tenant's Association will be slowing down on some things for the summer so check the notices they put on the various boards to be sure the activity you are interested is is still happening or not. If you happen to see the dude who keeps cleaning tenant notices off the boards, you could call Al or Florence at Housing and tell them who and how you know. The only ones being hurt with this nonsense are other tenants who looked for notices about taxes and found it gone or who were trying to sell or buy something and found their notices torn down. It is in YOUR interest to help us find out who this is and report them. Do not waste your time fighting with them; just report them.

There have also been a few people complaining that their laundry has been stolen. Here again, you have to call. Make a note of the times and the place so that Housing can go back to the films to find them. It is unreasonable to expect anyone to be sitting watching those cameras 24 hours a day, every day. You have to help too. This goes for anything - deliberate damage, theft and etc. One thing I can assure you of is that your name will never be mentioned. "Confidential" is Al's very favourite word.

Bed Bugs

Think this is an Ottawa Housing Problem? an Ontario problem? maybe a Canadian problem? Think again! and check this out:-

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