Monday, May 4, 2009

The Last Post

Well this has been quite a week.

Housing finally came up with a local newsletter full of all manner of hopeful fixes and changes. The holes are well on the way to being fixed. The grounds are relatively tidy though they could be better.

And I was treated to a half hour long monologue trashing all the things I have tried to get changed - the drug addicts, the vandalism, the lack of communication from Housing and the deteriorating sense of safety and security.

I am still waiting for the contract for the phone. To correct the present situation, a letter off the top of my head will not do. It needs the accompanying documentation. Lots of firey words at the meeting about it but not one of you has done anything towards getting it settled - which means no one wants to get off their duff and find the paperwork required.

So, I am backing off! Quitting! Call it what you want. If you are a tenant and experience noise late at night, holes in the walls, theft, or anything illegal - take it to someone else or go sit on the swing and complain to each other and badmouth each other.

Have a good life and remember, in case of rape - lie back and enjoy it. After all, the efforts made to make this a safe place are not good. They take away your privacy! In case of theft, be kind and give willingly. After all, the efforts made to make this a safe place are not good. They take away your privacy! Clearly some people here think privacy in a hallway (???) is more important than safety. Then go sit with everyone else and complain - around here this is the next obvious move! Just do not come to me. I think you are illogical and foolish.

This was once a very nice property. You have turned it into a slum. If you did not punch holes in the wall yourself, by not doing anything to stop it, you are just as responsible for the slum as the drug addicts and/or hole punchers who did. Small bloody wonder that Ottawa Housing does so little. What a greedy, selfish and ungrateful lot you are!

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