Friday, February 13, 2009

A friend just wrote with the URL below. You never know who the bad guys are, do you?

If you are one of the ones who was taken in by a lady from this building who made herself indispensable only to run off with your money, call the police. They are working on the case and any help they can get, can only help take this lady out of circulation. If you say nothing, that gives her the freedom to do this to some other person in some other building. Don't you wish someone had taken her out of circulation before she reached you?

In the Maintenance Room there are boxes filled with filters. They go in the air vent in your kitchen. They should be changed every three months. The Maintenance Men are not allowed to change them for you and our Building Manager has not told any one they are here. But They are here!! So you can ask one of the maintenance men to give you one and change it yourself, or you can let me know and I will find someone to come with me and we will change it for you. They filter out dirt and odors and probably viruses that get circulated in the air.

I just talked to Maintenance - 613-731-1182 - about the intercoms at door 4 not working. He tells me that one phone call leaves the problem at the bottom of the list priority wise. The more people who call, the higher up it goes on their priority list. So if the Intercom has caused you to miss visitors/deliveries, call them and put in your complaint.

There is strength in numbers!
Be a part of that strength!

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