Monday, February 9, 2009

Little Things Mean a Lot!

Like everyone else at 2100 Russell Road, I received a package from OHC on my door. It had the winter 2009 Newsletter and the 2009 calendar. It also had a frig magnet! And what a great frig magnet it is! It has the phone numbers for Housing, Maintenance, Security, Police and Fire Departments.

One of the biggest complaints I hear when talking to people about the noise or the destruction is, "I don't have the phone number!" I know one senior who has lived here so long that the numbers on the sticky they gave her way back when, have been washed away. Now we all have a new set of numbers and hopefully everyone will put them on the frig where they know where to look. Thank you OHC for including that in this winter's little package!

The cost probably was not little but the new camera(s) is. There may be more but the one I have noticed is in our mail room. With tax refunds in the offing, I am quite sure a lot of people who get their cheque sent to their mail box will feel a little more secure about actually seeing it. I have also noticed that the light is turned out in the mailman's room which makes it harder to see what people have in their individual mail boxes. Good Plan! Thanks OHC.

I have not seen this myself but I have been told that there is a security man who walks the building several times after midnight. That might have a lot to do with how quiet is usually is at night now. Thanks Mr. Dube and OHC! This is very much appreciated.

This next one is not new but I am sure these folks seldom ever get thanked. The snow removal crews have been very busy this year - haven't seen this much snow for a long time myself. Thanks to all the crew who try to keep ahead of or at least up with Mother Nature!

A proper garbage pail may not seem like much but it really is if you do not have one. We now have one at door two. Hopefully, the garbage that has previously ended up on the ground, will now find its way into that pail. For some of us, this is not just a place to hang our hat; It is home. We like to keep our home neat and tidy. Thanks OHC for that possibility.

I should add my own personal thanks to Al at OHC. My upstairs neighbour who had tormented me for months with her 'Hill, The Mover' routine at 3 a.m., has been extremely quiet of late. I know Al talked to her and a few others about this kind of noise - not heard by Security when they make their rounds. Thank you, Al for the peace and quiet and a chance to get a good night's sleep!

Pete Cooney was here for a week. I know a lot of the newer folks do not know who he is but all the seniors who have been here for some time do. They were thrilled to see their old friend again. Thanks for the working visit, Pete!

A private party was held in our Lounge this past weekend. The lady who gave the party had a lot of edible goodies left over and kindly left them for our Bingo Buddies Sunday Afternoon Bingo. There is absolutely not a doubt that they were enjoyed and appreciated. Thank you to that hostess also!

To all those people who have their own personal complaints, call the proper number - you have that frig magnet now so there is no excuse. I have heard many times that 'They know what the problem is. They just don't do anything about it." Try to remember that your apartment is one of thousands of units that OHC is in charge of. Perhaps in a general way, they do know what the problems are but it is your responsibility to tell them the specifics. They can't do anything if they do not hear from you. And no matter how frustrated you are, you will get more and better help if you maintain a civil tongue in your head. So, if it is an adjective that starts with an f and ends with an ing, don't use it! Are you old enough to remember Dragnet's Joe Friday? "The facts, ma'am. Just the facts!" If you know you are going to get hot under the collar talking about it, write it down before you call. Take all the curse words and such out and try to keep it to 'the facts'.

If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem!
Do not be a part of the problem!

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