Thursday, February 19, 2009

Province, City, OHC - Enablers?? Why?

Could some one tell me why?

Why is it that a tenant down the hall from me was very quickly given an eviction notice because he broke a rule but the gal on the 4th floor that a number of tenants have been complaining about for over four years and who has broken just about all the rules is still here?

It is true that the guy down the hall was breaking a rule. He was allegedly subleasing from another tenant who moved out. And I am guessing that he suffers from paranoia - he told me that the girl across the hall from me was poisoning him through the air vents. He also liked to talk very loudly in the wee hours of the morning on his cell phone which he had to go out into the hall to use - this building is really hard on cell phone users. One official complaint that I know of and he has an eviction notice.

The gal on the fourth floor has broken just about every rule in the book - certainly every section of her lease agreement, and she is still here and there is no indication that she is going to be evicted.

A year and a half ago, we had a meeting with Housing and one of the questions then was, "Why is she still here?" We were told that Housing had no complaints about her. Several of us know that this is not true as we have complained mightily. She is a drug addict. She has invited other drug addicts and drug pushers into the building. She and her motley crew of friends have destroyed the peace of a lot of tenants for years now. She and her motley crew of friends have threatened other tenants. She and her motley crew have destroyed mail boxes, carpets, hall ceilings and undoubtedly more. She has a washing machine in her apartment which is not allowed to the rest of us. Judging from the yelling and screaming, audible to a good many in the courtyard, she has apparently and (to keep this quite legal) allegedly conducted scams from her apartment. In the summer when the doors and windows are open the noise from there sounds very much like a brothel. She and her friends are constantly bumming from the other tenants. Yet she is never given an eviction notice. Would someone please explain this. As that gossip rag used to say, "Inquiring minds want to know!"

In fact there are a number of drug addicts living in this building and disturbing other tenants to one degree or other. Complaints are seemingly lost about them. This brings to mind a lot of questions like, "Does someone at Housing have some sort of vested interest in the drug subculture of Ottawa? Maybe it's someone at City Hall or the Province - complaints to them fall on deaf ears also. Does it have to get as bad as this case in Hamilton
before anything is done? Oops! Dumb me! It already has gotten this bad. See Mr. P's Story

I am still looking for an answer to the original question, "WHY?" And while you are at it, why do the Province, the City of Ottawa and The Ottawa Housing Corporation continue enabling drug addicts at our expense and the taxpayer's expense?

Shame on you Ottawa Housing Corporation!
Shame on you Ottawa! Shame on you, Ontario!

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