Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Check out the Maintenance Work done today!

Yesterday I had a chat with Marion Dunning who assures me that Housing is hot on the heels of the two-bit thug who punched holes in our hallways. Well she didn't say "two-bit thug" but everyone else who has seen his work has! She also assured me that the holes would be fixed. As you can see, she was true to her word - work has started on fixing the damage. Floors 1, 2 and 3 at the elevator have all been fixed so far.

The first picture above is of the wall at door 4 on the 2nd Floor - Before and After. The Before is thanks to a low life vandal and the After is thanks to our Maintenance men who fixed it earlier today. The second is at the 4th Door Entrance at the elevator. The hole on the 3rd Floor is also mended. Nice job, Fellows!

Claude put the swing on its runner so everyone who has ventured out these past few lovely days, have been able to sit on the swing. And Joan has been working on the back yard in spite of her foot which has been operated on recently. Several of the seniors have been trying to keep ahead of the garbage and the north wind which keeps blowing garbage this way. A special thanks you to Madelaine and to Frank who have been very diligently working at it, though there have been several others working at it too.

Speaking of garbage, 1975 Russell appears to have new owners and that corner of the world has been all cleaned up. It is quite nice to walk along the sidewalk near there. Here is hoping they try to keep ahead of the garbage there - That wind will surely bring it here if they don't.

Not much else today though I do not want to sign off without mentioning that Dorothy is back from the hospital and Hazel is almost back to where she was before she broke her hip. Well, she is not exactly racing in the halls but she sure is getting out and about again.

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