Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Elevators and Intercoms

It's about those Intercoms. I thought they were working but apparently they are not! What I want to know is this - Is there anyone out there who is competent at fixing the things they are hired to fix? And is it too difficult to write a notice for us that something is not fixed and its being worked on?? It has been bloody months that we have been trying to get these intercoms working. And by 'we' I mean the tenants at 2100.

It has been months, not days or even weeks - but months. Delivery people do not know that when they think they are ringing us, the intercom does not work. Friends and relatives coming to visit do not know the Intercoms do not work. Even getting an ambulance in here is quite a trick sometimes because the Intercoms and Elevators have been down more than they are up.

Bad enough they do not get fixed. Worse that we may not know they are not working so we can warn people to call first so we can meet them. But writing a notice is too much like work apparently for anyone to do. And the worst is that someone at Housing, who has no trouble picking up the pay cheque the taxpayer writes her every month, behaves like she is a class above every one here. Here's a heads up. Class is not determined by your pay cheque or your job title. It is determined by your behaviour. And being a bully and being spiteful shows no class at all. And taking money to do a job and not doing it is a form of fraud.

So the question is - When in blazes is someone going to get off their duff and manage this building so that we have elevators and Intercoms that can be relied on? Some of us have been working hard to get tenants to treat the building with some respect and not go around destroying things. Is it too much to ask that Housing and/or its representative get off their little judgmental horse and do the job they were hired to do.

Elevator License

One more thing that was just brought to my attention - the license for the elevator at door 4 is out of date, again not by a few days but by months.

Door 3

I did not check it today but as of last night the fobs do not work to open door 3. I have called that in so, is anyone going to fix it? If it is going to take months to fix, how about a note saying that much so we at least know it is still not working.

It's not all negative :o)

Some things here are definitely improving. The above however, are not among the improvements.

I see the mail box who's door was hanging by a thread has been fixed. Thanks to Florence for that one. I did not check the others on the list but I am assuming that, barring a tenant/landlord dispute over the broken boxes, they were fixed. Tenants who break their own mail boxes need to grow up and stop doing that sort of juvenile thing. Public Housing is here to help lower income people; not to be baby sitters to people who behave like they were never house trained.

Almost finally, a very special thank you to Vivian who helped me clean up that little triangle of City land that folks facing Russell Road look out on. Viv and I are not kids and we both use walkers so some help would not be refused from younger and stronger folks. If you are a tenant here at 2100, this is your home and cleaning it up is to your benefit. Or you can leave it looking like a slum or watch the seniors clean it up. Housing has proposed a Spring clean up with a BBQ but could we not get some of the really bad litter picked up before then? Maybe on the next reasonably warm day?

And finally, I know you will all be happy to hear that Hazel is home again and doing very well.
Welcome home. Hazel!

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