Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's Been Fairly Quiet Around Here

New Intercoms

The new Intercoms are in and working. Tenants and their guests will notice a few little, perhaps disconcerting, differences. The old Intercoms made a noise when you punched in the ring code and then you could hear them ring. These do not do that. So you might warn your visitors that they are ringing even though they do not hear them ringing.

Tenant's Bulletin Board

The board you see pictured above is the tenant's Board. For those of you new to the building, it is located to the left of the coke machine at door 3 and the mail room. Permission to put it up was given to tenants way back when this was a Seniors Residence. You can put up notices for things you are selling or looking for, services you know other tenants might be interested in, coupons you do not want but others may use and etc.

Someone keeps removing other people's notices and coupons. If it is a tenant - Please grow up. If it is housing staff, please keep your hands off. For Housing Staff who think they are working for an Institution and can arbitrarily decide what we may or may not put on that board, This is not an Institution. It is a housing project. This is a free country still and that is OUR board! Someone suggested I write the Premier and tell him to tell his relatives to keep away from our bulletin board. Unfortunately, I do not know who is related to whom or who that person might be. So if you work for Housing and YOU know who that is, please straighten that person out. And fear not. I do not write the Premier. I get far better results from writing the press. :o) But seriously, if this nasty little rumour has any truth to it, would someone at Housing please do something about it. And if it is someone from here, would those handy dandy little cameras record it and if so can we find out who it is that way??

Spring Clean Up

Winter has left us with a lot of trash lying around outside. Florence has spoken to some one who will bring us bags and gloves etc. If we get a few good men and women working at it, we should be able to get it tidied up in a few hours. So give it some thought and let me know if you want to help.


Your keys are more important than anything you own. They help keep everything you own safe. If you lose them, whoever finds them can access your apartment and take whatever they want. They can also steal your mail. And worse yet, you can see you have mail but you cannot get your hands on it. So handle them with care. You do not want to end up breaking into your own mail box to get your mail like a number of people here have done. And if you read your lease, YOU are responsible for anything you break - that includes the door to your mail box. And from a strictly aesthetic viewpoint, seeing a bunch of broken mailboxes is not particularly pleasing - it makes it look like we live in DogPatch or Slum Valley.

Speaking of people who leave the building looking like Slum Valley, someone spilt a bag or a pan of veggies in the elevator at door 2 last week. To you I must ask, "What happened to your last slave?" For crying out loud, have a little teeny bit of class and clean up after yourself if you drop something, break something or have an accident of some sort.

Update on Hazel

Hazel is still in the Ottawa General. Frothing at the bit to get out and about. They have moved her to Rehab where they have her doing exercises to strengthen her leg - this is good. Anyone who knows Hazel knows she is not really very good at sitting about doing nothing all day. If I understand her doctor correctly - her biggest problem is wanting to run before she has relearned how to walk. She spends time visiting with friends and relatives and planning where and how she will sit at Bingo. She sure misses you fellow Bingo- holics. LOL

Not much else but

Don't forget the Saturday Breakfast in the lounge at 2100 Russell Road. It's open until 11:30 Saturday morning.

And Sunday Bingo - also in the lounge. Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m.. Everyone is welcome.

If you have to get junk mail, it might as well be junk mail you might want to try out. I have tried all manner of shampoos, a peanut butter substitute called Sun Butter which is actually pretty good, a free Gillette razor, a gadget to put those huge rolls of toilet paper on so that you can still get the paper off the roll without dislocating your shoulder and lots of other goodies.

Free Canada samples

Other junk mail I actually welcome are coupons I can actually use like for laundry detergents or dog food. And I get them here

Till next time...........

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