Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wow! Ain't this weather great??

Wow! Ain't this weather great??

Well the worst part of the clean up around the building has been done. There are a few spots where cars are parked still to be picked up and a few other places where there is still snow to melt and loosen it's grip on the rubbish but mostly, it is looking pretty decent.

And if you did not help, well there is always next year. :o)

In the meantime, Thanks are due to the following people who I only know by first name.
These three picked up where ever they could. And they picked up one hell of a lot!
A special thank you to Claude who did all the heavy lifting for me (I can't get the bags into the garbage bin so he has heaved them all over for me.)
But others have done their share too in other ways. High on this list is the gal in Apt 136 - she and her family did an absolutely wonderful job on the area in front of her apartment. It is downright pristine! Rita, Frank and Pat and the young man in the apt beside them always keep their little corner of the world tidy. And someone on the north side of the courtyard did a lot of work over there. Unfortunately, I don't know who that was but if you do, tell him for us, Thanks.

Also, the swing at Door #3 was off it's runner and we could not get it back. Someone, bigger and stronger than me or the others who cleaned up, however did get it back and working. I do not know who you are but a huge Thank you from all those who love to use that swing!

If you are young and/or healthier than we are, it is not the easiest job for people who are older to do this work. All manner of conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis and herniated spinal discs among other things makes it slow going. So maybe you could help out by trying to throw your trash in a bin instead of on the ground.

Now if someone at Ottawa Housing could come up with a rake or two and that fancy little machine that vacuums up leaves, it could be perfect in no time. Also, a small garbage bin with a chain to hold it in place for the Door #3 garden area would be very nice. Marcel took the one he had there when he left but it is missed a lot!

And if anyone is strong enough to get those two cushions in front of door 1 over to the garbage, that would really be appreciated. Don't laugh! I know they are not very heavy. The strength is needed to pull them away from the ground on which they are solidly frozen!

Biting the Hand that Feeds!

Ottawa Housing may not in fact feed any of us but they do make it possible for us to live quite comfortably in neat little apartments for a good deal less money than the private sector allows. When you show your thanks for that opportunity by punching holes in the walls as was done this past week, well you just prove that you are not very well house trained, you do not appreciate that your other option might be being out on the street - In short, you are biting the hand that feeds you. And you are proving to the world that you are not too bright. For those that punched all those holes in the wall - No one at 2100 thinks you are very swift. In fact 'stupid idiot' is the term I keep hearing about you. Wow! Now there is a legacy to leave behind! Duh!!!

Edit to Housing: The big hole at door #4 should appear on those camera tapes!

It's about those Intercoms!

Some of us still do not have working Intercoms!

If 'stupid and lazy" are the words used for the hole punchers, 'selfish, lazy, and incompetent' are the words being used to describe the person unknown at Housing who is not doing anything to solve this long term problem. How about someone over there with a little authority, getting on to the person delegated to get this fixed and get him/her to fix it!!!

Also, it has been called in several times but there is still a problem for many of us to get in using our fobs at door #3.


Those licenses are still out of date only more so today!

Tenant's Bulletin Board
Someone is still taking our notices down. Please tell the cleaning staff or whoever is doing to please cease and desist!

Finally, Welcome back home, Dorothy

Everyone is very glad to hear you are feeling better and are looking forward to seeing you at Bingo, if not before!

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