Monday, April 13, 2009

Sad news

Our Tenant Association President, Dorothy, is in the hospital. I know that the Bingo crowd got a card out to her. Those who didn't get their names on the card can send your personal get well wishes - She is in the Ottawa General. I do not think she is having visitors yet so if you had planned on visiting, you might be well advised to call first or ask someone on the committee before going over there and possibly finding out you can't get in to see her. You could always ask her son to give her your best wishes too.

Not So Sad News

Hazel is home from the General after three fun filled weeks - trust Hazel to turn a broken hip into a plus!! She came home with lots of good stories about her stay, the room mates she had there and her new exercise program. The General should maybe pay her for all the good publicity the medical staff have gotten from her. :o) You can see her walking around the building or being wheel chaired to Bingo. She is doing very well and will be kicking butt at bingo again every chance she gets! But lets not make this a revolving door for tenants from 2100 - Please!! I mean, when Dorothy comes home, lets not have anyone from here take her place at the Ottawa General.

Not Much Other News

It's been a long weekend, so nothing that was not working last week is any better today. If any of the broken items - Intercoms, doors, mailboxes etc is a problem for you, call Maintenance - 613- 731-1182. Tell them! The more calls they get, the faster they seem to get things fixed.

It's been a pretty quiet Easter weekend. Hope yours was a good one! If you need an excuse to go out and enjoy that lovely sun we have today, take a bag and pick up a little garbage. Some of the seniors have been getting a bit of it picked up every day so it is nowhere near as bad as it was but we sure could use some younger help.

Some one has put the swing at door three out where we can sit on it again. If you smoke, please use the ashtrays there - not the ground. Marcel is not here anymore to pick up after everyone - gotta pick up after yourselves now. So lets show a little pride and think before we discard junk and butts. The garbage thingy is not out back anymore. If you see anyone from Housing, ask if we can get one out there.

I am reasonably sure that the Bingo and the Saturday Breakfast are still on while Dorothy is away but check the wall for flyers - Royden puts them up near the elevators.

Catch you next time!

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